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How to play: First time experiences


We launched the GEDANKENFABRIK AI Playground where we present to you our idea and vision of learning more about AI in a playful way. It is not (only) for children and not (only) for fun. The AI Playground is a curated platform for applications running on AI technology you can easily try out yourself. Now it’s time to take a look into the actual Plays we have put up so far.

From teaching a machine the difference between apples and bananas to analyzing how bad your Spotify is: the AI Playground.


Quick Draw by Google
One of the many experiments Google is presenting on their own experiment website. Here artificial neural networks are guessing what you are drawing!

Recognize Handwriting
The Fraunhofer Institute also follows the line of thought in which you need experience to actually understand. This is especially true in the context of technology. Their “Explainable AI Demos” are a fitting approach to this.

The Brand-Bot
Wunderman and Thompson, a creative agency from New York, invented a so-called Brand-Bot. Based on a range of databases the AI generates content in a similar tone of voice as the original brand in form of a tweet.

Previews of the applications.

Teachable Machine
Another fun experiment from Google where you get to train your own model. Learn how machine learning works and make up your own case!

If you have already tried out Teachable Machine to train your own model, it should now also be clear how Nicornot works. You still have to find out if you are Nicolas Cage yourself though.

Computer Vision
Next up is Microsoft! They offer some great applications definitely worth to check out. Computer Vision for example extracts rich information from images and videos in real time which is also the basis for facial recognition technology.

Text Generation
Too lazy to write a story yourself? No problem, Text Generation by DeepAI has you covered. Insert a few sentences and see what will be added next.

How bad is your Spotify 
Real life related examples are often the most fun to try out yourself. Therefore, the journalism platform The Pudding has invented a sophisticated A.I. which judges your taste of music. It interlinks with your Spotify account and a wide range of prestige music reviews. Be aware you might get slammed here!

Green-Screen what you want
Maybe not the newest thing anymore but still pretty impressive for everyone who is not that skilled in photoshop and other design software. Use Runway and see for yourself how the future of tools will look like because a lot of applications are going to be much more user-friendly.


Every month we add and present some new Plays on the AI Playground, so make sure to visit the Playground regularly if you’re interested! Next up is AI Dungeon, a text adventure game running on artificial intelligence.