The consumer as an unknown entity? Certainly not since big-data-mining was introduced… And yet brands and companies still underestimate another development of the past 20 years: that consumers themselves have been evolving into well-informed, autonomous and self-reliant Educated Decision-Makers. A consumer transformation. The key to any sustainable successful corporate transformation process is therefore a radical customer focus.



Listen and Learn

Every transformation process must start with the customer. The customer has morphed into an Educated Decision-Maker and has real needs and demands – prepare yourself for meeting them!

How Sustainability shapes our future – ESG as a driver

3 FACTS ON ESG We touched on the timely topic of ESG in our latest 55 minute of Reinvention Session. As a recap, this post provides a quick primer on…

Welcome to the Enhancement Phase - Everyone can become a Superwoman*man

WHERE WE COME FROM We have already introduced you to our Educated Decision-Maker. Our model of a consumer has transformed into a well-informed, independent and self-reliant decision-maker based on a…

Reinventing Conversational Marketing

RETHINK THE CUSTOMER TO MEET THEIR COMMUNICATION REQUIREMENTS This article is based on the extensive research results of a bachelor thesis from one of our colleagues on the topic: „Conversational…
rethinkInspirationAI Playground

AI-Plays of the month: JFK Files & Gen Studio

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The cluetrain manifesto – a train is coming back

WHAT IS THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO? The Cluetrain Manifesto is to be understood as a „train of notion“ and is to be considered a prophecy of the Digital Age. It was…

Amazon: Customer centric at heart

REINVENTION, A PART OF THE COMPANY’S DNA The customer focus is a cornerstone of Amazon’s philosophy. Actually, it’s more than just a focus. It’s a coronation, as for Jeff Bezos‘…

Eat your own dogfood

HOW DO YOU RETHINK? Test your product. And yourself. 1 Use your own product within the next 24 hours. Just do it! Write down your first impression and experiences from…

Think and act post-digital

FORWARD TO EXPERIENCE EVERYWHERE What do terms like “media convergence” and “multi-channel” tell you? That you are stuck in the past. Because you still think that digital competence will make…

Netflix: A success story of permanent customer-focused reinvention

SURVIVAL OF THE e-FITTEST. The rise of e-commerce has been the fall of bricks-and-mortar businesses and traditional mail-order retail. Blockbuster, Quelle, RadioShack and many more have disappeared – unnecessarily so,…

Alibaba & Alimama – marketing innovation & "segments of one"

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU The wildest dreams of marketeers could become true. Creating micro-segments, even „segments of one“, in order to individually target customers one by one and rethinking the…

The genesis of the Educated Decision-Maker

WHAT IS AN EDM? A tremendous consumer phenomenon has occurred. Having arrived in the current, post-digital phase, it is now possible to show the chronology of how the consumer has…

Change, transfor­mation and people

YES, IT’S ALL ABOUT TRANSFORMATION „Help me Lord, I plead! Spirits I have conjured, no longer pay me heed.“ Goethe’s lamentation from the sorcerer’s apprentice is perhaps a little over…

New reality - The evolutionary digital knowledge society

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS SUPERPOWER.  The further development of humans that has started through digitalisation can no longer be reversed. All aspects of the digital society support this…

1 Big Apple, 7 Days and 99 Shops! Immerse yourself!

REINVENTING RETAIL – NEW YORK CITY EDITION.  For Reinventing Retail we studied 99+ retail spaces in New York. We talked to experts, start-ups, retailers and we took the customer perspective…