Lifelong Learning is the booster that enforces the reinvention principle. In fact, every sustainable success is down to this dimension. For each individual, for all teams – and for the company and eco-system partners – understanding the concept of perpetual learning generates growth-potential and gives freedom to embrace the beauty of change in a fast-paced environment.



Next level. Same procedure.

Learning is a continuous process. Lifelong learning has to become a natural part of the company, and also of oneself. It will increase the potential of your organisation – forever.
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AI-Plays of the month: Zendo & Scroobly

TRAIN YOUR OWN MACHINE WITHOUT ANY CODING SKILLS  Zendo, a new application by DeepAI, is now out of beta and allows users to use a so-called agent that masters visual…

6 tips that will change the way you re-learn

LEARN WITH AN IMPACT Today, learning never stops. Professionals in the knowledge society need to learn every day to stay up-to-date. Follow Martin’s educational journey. I used to learn through…

A new monthly format: Digital around the world

BOOSTING REINVENTION THROUGH DIGITIZATION We live in a world that is digitizing and reinventing at an ever-faster pace. Some countries are leapfrogging, some countries are experimenting, and a few are…

Hybrid Work – A Reality Check

THE WAY TO NEW – HYBRID – WORK The question of how we will work in the future is the most pressing one nowadays. After working remotely for over a…

The Aldi way to learn Chinese

HEY CHINESE EDM, WE ARE HERE TO LISTEN AND LEARN How do you enter a new market – especially if it is as foreign and disconnected as China? Moreover, a…
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How to play: First time experiences

WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? We launched the GEDANKENFABRIK AI Playground where we present to you our idea and vision of learning more about AI in a playful way. It…
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AI-Plays of the month: Deep Nostalgia & AI Dungeon

START PLAYING! Every month we present two new applications for our GEDANKENFABRIK AI Playground. Read the intros, visit our Playground and try them out yourself! DEEP NOSTALGIA: DAMNED TO TRY…
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Time to Play: The AI Playground

THE TIME FOR AI IS NOW! THE TIME TO PLAY IS NOW! Why? Because learning new things is always important and, in this case, even necessary. Our AI Playground is…

The universe of useful tools

THE EXPANSION THEORY OF WORKSPACE AND -TIME. 2020 definitely was a Big Bang for communication technology – including of course collaborative working tools. So the universe of useful tools especially…