If the word “innovation” raises your stress levels, just take a step back. True innovations do not necessarily happen in a flash or with a lot of fanfare. Data and insight-based innovations are solution-oriented and precisely tailored to customer expectations; leveraging technology trends and company requirements. New and established methods help to manage the process in an exciting way.



The perfect fit

Innovation does not mean changing things just for the sake of doing something. Innovation is always based on your key strengths, and enabled by new technologies and rising customer expectations.

Introducing Hugging Face

COMMONLY WORKING ON THE FUTURE OF AI This month we would like to introduce Hugging Face Spaces, a great community platform on which members showcase their machine leaning demo applications….

Ongoing Reinvention - Peeking through the Google Lens

THE MULTI-LAYERED BABEL FISH OF TODAY Translating texts into different languages has been possible for a long time through different online translation tools like for example Yahoo’s Babel Fish application….
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AI-Plays of the month: The Moral Machine & Interactive TV

MORAL MACHINE: CREATE YOUR OWN DILEMMA  The Moral Machine is a platform for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars. It was…

The secret sauce of intelligent transformation at Hapag-Lloyd

HOW DO YOU SCALE THE INTELLIGENT TRANSFORMATION FOR A GLOBAL ORGANIZATION? In the last 55min session of Reinvention Dr. Ralf Belusa, CDO and Managing Director of Hapag-Lloyd spoke about the…
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AI-Plays of the month: Synthesia & Giorgio Cam

APRIL IS ABOUT KNOWLEDGE AND FUN Sometimes the line between a playful game and a useful application can blur. Need an example? In this article you find two! SYNTHESIA AND…

Clubhouse – Have you joined the Club?

OUR CLUBHOUSE SESSION WITH SARIK WEBER (MR. CLUBHOUSE) „It’s like an addiction – once you start opening talks it’s hard to stop. People crave recognition and on Clubhouse they get…

こんにちは - The japanese way of optimizing reinvention

RIDING THE WAVE! More than 150 years ago, Japan was the stage for one of the most successful national reinventions: The Meiji era warped the country from feudal complacency into…

Reinventing the education experience in China

EDUCATION FIRST IN CHINA Education is playing a massive role in China – in an extremely competitive society where parents demand only the best from their children. A fulfilling life…

Pinduoduo – social commerce reshaping the food value chain

CHINAS SOCIAL COMMERCE – THE NEXT BIG THING Pinduoduo is now the third largest online company in China behind Alibaba and Tencent surpassing Baidu. 5.1 million merchants and more than…