Think and act big! While often heard, this advice is rarely implemented. The challenge lies in letting big ideas grow over time, fuelled by the energy of people, organisation and ecosystems. Reimagine creativity entails boldly combining creative thinking with actions. Generally speaking, it is the Big Transformational Idea that makes all the difference.



The next big thing

This is about the “Big Transformational Idea” – without compromises. It should be completely new and thought out beyond known limits. In the end, creativity and courage make the difference.

Starbucks: The Barista rock'n'roll moment

SCHULTZ’S ‘ROCK’N’ROLL MOMENT’ For Howard Schultz, the barista moment was a revelation. While on a business trip to Milan in 1983, the then 30-year-old marketing manager, Schultz, was fascinated by…

Lost in Transformation

LEARNING FROM FAILURE AND MOVING ON People, systems, societies and companies mostly learn from failure. If they survive it, that’s it. Just as Isaac Newton saw scientists „standing on the…

Rock'n roll moment: Why Creativity and People Matter.

ROCK ME AMADEUS – MOMENT When it comes to the origin of Big Transformational Idea creation, the focus is still on human creativity, not on artificial intelligence. Of course, new…

Lufthansa - From product driven to transformation driver

HAVE YOU EVER EXPERIENCED A FAST AND IMPACTFUL CREATION JOURNEY? Lufthansa’s Big Transformational Idea: Connecting the world to a better place. The journey to develop this outstanding big transformational idea…

Which Reinvention type are you?

SEVEN REINVENTION TYPES AND APPROACHES In a fast-changing global environment, reinvention is becoming a necessity. Companies long for universal guidelines that they can hang on to, but not every strategy…

Alibaba’s 102 year journey

THINK IN DECADES NOT QUARTERLY REPORTS Jack Ma started his company Alibaba in 1999, when the internet in China barely existed. When visiting America, Ma experienced a more advanced internet…

Innovation everywhere!

UNDERSTANDING THE FUNDAMENTAL INNOVATION PRINCIPLE There are various ways to tackle the topic of innovation, hopefully based on a central value promise. The fundamental principle is „innovation everywhere“. Innovation should be constantly…

Hey Alexa, what's up? - A New Era in Branding Language

MARKETS ARE CONVERSATIONS. AND WHAT IS YOUR TONE OF VOICE? The 1000Vordenker, our very own network of globally spread forward-thinkers, introduced a new format in 2020, The 55MIN OF REINVENTION. It…