Think and act big! While often heard, this advice is rarely implemented. The challenge lies in letting big ideas grow over time, fuelled by the energy of people, organisation and ecosystems. Reimagine creativity entails boldly combining creative thinking with actions. Generally speaking, it is the Big Transformational Idea that makes all the difference.



Exploring the Latest Developments in Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges for the Future

A guest contribution by ChatGPT Note: this article was purely created with ChatGPT, using the prompt „write an interesting article about the latest developments in generative AI and the future…

The next big thing

This is about the “Big Transformational Idea” – without compromises. It should be completely new and thought out beyond known limits. In the end, creativity and courage make the difference.

Tapping into a green world – the digital edition

DID YOU KNOW…? Sources: Klarna The current pandemic forced us to change our habits overnight, it also showed us that major lifestyle changes are possible. But what about making voluntary…
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AI-Play of the month: Hugging Face Spaces

Trying out Hugging Face Spaces For this month, we took a look at three exemplary demos published on Hugging Face Spaces. Find further infos on the platform in our recent…
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AI-Play of the month: GauGAN2

Creating artificial landscape photographs from scratch For our first Play of the new year, we have chosen an updated demonstration of GauGAN: GauGAN2. If you are new to our monthly…
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AI-Plays of the month: GPT-3 & Codex

First time experiences with GPT-3 and Codex This month we’d like to share some insights into two super exciting projects by OpenAI that have left programmers and AI specialists speechless…
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AI-Plays of the month: Ask Delphi & Deep Dream

Ask Delphi: Oracle of the crowd or when ancient Greece meets descriptive ethics What has long been only a myth now revels itself as the ethical truthteller: Pythia is artificial….
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AI-Plays of the month: Stealing Ur Feelings & air-drawing

For the month September we present two very different applications, both interesting and fun to experience. One won Mozilla’s $50,000 award for AI, the other one predicts the user’s intention…
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AI-Plays of the month: AI21 Studio & Wordtune

The Reinvention of language. This month we present two of AI21 Labs products: First up, there are the new Jurassic-1 language models you can play around with in your browser….

Diving into virtual worlds and experiencing art in a new way!

VIRTUAL WORLDS Tina Sauerlaender, curator, art historian, speaker and writer, joined our 1000Vordenker 55min of Reinvention session on “Virtual worlds – The future of SocialVR and WebVR in art and society”….