Reinvention WheelCase

55min 1000Vordenker Gathering 11.03.


55 min is a monthly format of the 1000Vordenker. With the overall theme of Reinvention, we invite thinkers and pioneers from various business industries to speak about a subject that relates to our five dimensions. As a participant you can actively participate in the afterwards-discussions and become part of our global network. Next to our interactive 55 min of Reinvention sessions where everyone can register for free, we also produce interviews, videos and other further think nuggets to deepen the topics even further.

Reinvention is not just an opportunity, it is a necessity. And it does not just happen, it must be managed. And it can be managed. That’s why we invented the Reinvention Wheel with 5 connected dimensions. Successful companies develop and grow in all dimensions.

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