Introducing Hugging Face


This month we would like to introduce Hugging Face Spaces, a great community platform on which members showcase their machine leaning demo applications. Hugging Face itself is an artificial Intelligence company, founded in 2016, initially focusing on NLP (natural language processing) products.

They are known for being one of the greatest platforms for building machine learning models, both for organizations and individuals. With their open-source approach and tons of references, you can deploy given datasets or modify other models from a wide range of fields such as NLP, Computer Vision or even Audio models. Their mission is “to democratize good machine learning, one commit at a time.”


Screenshot of the Hugging Face Spaces landing page, showing the “Spaces of the week”.

Hugging Face is exciting even for those who have no idea about programming. Under the section Spaces there are tons of little demonstrations you can interact with: “Spaces are a simple way to host ML demo apps directly on your profile or your organization’s profile. This allows you to create your ML portfolio, showcase your projects at conferences or to stakeholders, and work collaboratively with other people in the ML ecosystem.”

Recently, they launched a new format on their Youtube channel where they introduce some of the demos published on Spaces. Take a look below:


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We tried out some of new demos ourself. Read the article on our Plays of the month here.


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