Tapping into a green world – the digital edition


Sources: Klarna

The current pandemic forced us to change our habits overnight, it also showed us that major lifestyle changes are possible. But what about making voluntary changes – and changes geared toward abstract topics like contributing to a more sustainable world? These days, we hear a lot about the need to act more sustainably. But is it possible to make a real difference? And where to even start? What can we do now?

In this post, we delve into the topic of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle as educated decision-makers (EDMs). The good news: companies and digital tech are already helping users make going green part of their daily lives. We compiled a list with some of our favorite tips, options and apps.


(Baby) Step no. 1: Mindset Change and raising awareness

Living sustainably does not just mean using less paper and reading on your Kindle. It can also impact what we buy and how we source it. Companies are also beginning to rethink their shopping habits and develop a sustainable mindset.

CO2 emissions are gaining importance and sometimes it’s not easy to know how our purchasing behavior and actions impact them. In this case, knowledge is power, and the Swedish online financial service Klarna offers its customers a beta version to analyse the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions of their latest orders. This transparency challenges users to take a hard look at the environmental consequences of their purchase behavior. Klarna also provides a comparison of competitors ‘emissions per buy’ and shares to key facts with users, for example, producing a kilogram of beef results in 60 times more CO2 emissions than the same quantity of peas. Klarna demonstrates that the first major step to change is awareness and knowledge. Establishing a green mindset requires introspection. As a starting point, Klarna provides data and tools like a carbon footprint calculator for consumers.

Source: Klarna

(Baby) Step no. 2: Save a meal before you buy!

Reducing food waste is another way to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future. Wondering how you can make an impact as a lone EDM? One option is the app TooGoodToGo*, which tackles the issue of food waste. Restaurants, hotels, and cafes throw away vast quantities of day-old food. With this app, businesses have the opportunity to sell their leftovers at a fair price. All you need to do: download the app, find a deal and present your QR code at pickup. Super simple and super sustainable.

*As of this publication, available only in Europe and North America.

(Baby) Step no. 3: Worth a click – The new green trend app

Forest is an app that helps you concentrate – for example when you need focus time to work or study – by encouraging you to keep your hands off your phone, and your mind off any unnecessary distractions. How it works: you set the length of your focus time (or in other words, how long you don’t want to use your phone). During focus time, a digital tree starts to grow. If you “cheat” and use your phone, the digital tree „dies“. But that’s not all. Thanks to the collaboration with „Trees for Future“, the app allows you to plant real trees by simply spending more time away from your screen. The app is particularly appealing to study groups. With features like learning sessions and planting trees together, learning becomes even more fun and greener to boot.

Sources: Forest


Developing a sustainable lifestyle is a process: you might call it „emerging”. To make sustainable changes, it’s helpful to think less about restrictions, and more about finding the courage to discover, whether that’s new habits or new alternatives. Because when we make small changes in our daily lives, on a larger scale it can also have a big impact, and influence offerings of companies and the substance of policies in the future. Stay tuned as we share more great apps in the future! Do you have any apps that you’d like us to review? Or personal favourites? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments.