Reinvention is the New Black – the global theme of this decade. Business-wise, it will be Roaring 20s, one way or the other. Here, the middle ground is to vanish, so you had better get prepared for a journey – a never-ending one. And it’s not just any journey – it’s your journey. Every Reinvention happens in a different context; involving different players, different resources, and different opportunities and obstacles. You can learn from others – and indeed you should learn from others – but you will have to find your own way. So, to make the 20s roar, you should see them as your intelligent 20s. 

The best time to reinvent was yesterday. The second-best time to reinvent is now.

That’s what we’re here for. We have devised a new intelligent knowledge and experience magazine. Our goal is to create a living medium that will develop and reinvent over time. The Reinvention Wheel serves as a basis and orientation guide. The dimensions are the framework, so that the topic of reinvention can be better classified, and can be lived.  

As the magazine develops further, we will be following the Niki principle: Networking, Inspiration, Knowledge, Ideation. 

Let’s start the infinite journey together. In doing so, we will find that the world has more in common than differences, and that, at the end of the day, people will continue to make the difference.


Reinvention is not just an opportunity – it is a necessity. It does not just happen, it must be managed – and it can be managed. That’s why we literally reinvented the wheel – as the Reinvention Wheel! We will show you how to use the wheel with its five dimensions. In order to be really successful in business, it is essential for companies to develop in all dimensions. We help you to successfully drive your business forward, to empower your employees, to create your brands and, finally, to reinvent yourself.


1 Rethink the Customer

Rethink the customer is always the starting point for every transformation process. Over the last two decades the customer has transformed to a well-informed decision-maker. It is enormously helpful to learn more about the real needs and demands of customers and what they expect. Radical customer focus is key here.

2 Rebuild your Brand

Rebuild your brand is the foundation for company survival. The brand is an essential cornerstone and key component of your success story, and must be clearly defined and positioned. You need to know the core of your brand, what you stand for and, above all, your brand’s value proposition for your customer.

3 Reimagine Creativity

Reimagine Creativity is thinking big, it’s about the “Big Transformational Idea”. – without compromises. It works both internally and externally, and should be completely new and thought out beyond known limits. In the end, courage is important but creative thinking and bold actions make the difference.

4 Reshape Innovation

Innovation does not mean changing things just for the sake of doing something. Sometimes even continuous improvements can be a decisive step in the right direction and move the company forward. But innovation is always based on your key strengths, enabled by new technologies, and encouraged by rising customer expectations.

5 Relearn Forever

Learning is a continuous process, particularly when it comes to constant change. Lifelong learning has to become a natural part of the company, and also of oneself. It will increase the potential of your organisation – forever.



Rethink the Customer
Rebuild your Brand
Reimagine Creativity
Reshape Innovation
Relearn Forever