Welcome to the Enhancement Phase – Everyone can become a Superwoman*man


We have already introduced you to our Educated Decision-Maker. Our model of a consumer has transformed into a well-informed, independent and self-reliant decision-maker based on a higher level of applied knowledge and information, rather than just random decisions. In order for companies and brands to keep being successful they have to rethink their consumer and customers over and over again. The consumer has already mastered the exploring and enabling phases by gaining access to new information sources. In addition to that, smart features and mobile apps that offer more flexibility and sovereignty raised new opportunities when mastering the empowerment phase. Today, the enhancement phase is being ushered in.


Not only have the technical requirements developed faster and further in this phase but consumers have also become more willing to embrace new applications and processes. This combination makes up the enhancement phase. The consumer can build on the previous experiences and learn even faster. The technical developments – AI in a broad sense, the Internet of Things, robotics and big data/personal data accelerate the EDM personal growth path.


Data plays a particularly important role here. The data is often already available and only needs to be recognized as such, filtered, and used. It is possible due to the great technical progress, which continues to accelerate in an exponential growth, that intelligence of many can be used in a variety of ways. The educated decision-maker experiments and applies intelligent solutions in different areas like communication, mobility, payment, education and entertainment through very different and new applications:

Mozilla Hubs

An example of an application from the enhancement phase would be Mozilla Hubs. Since 2018, virtual rooms and worlds can be designed individually with Mozilla Hubs and can also be experienced on the computer with or without VR glasses. It could act as entry point for the overarching metaverse trend.  No programming knowledge is required for this and people have the opportunity to communicate via customizable avatars. This can be used for virtual meeting rooms, classrooms or even exhibitions. The platform experienced a large increase in users, especially due to the Corona pandemic, in which physical gatherings were often replaced by virtual meetings. Mozilla Hubs enables consumers to experience virtual worlds in a very user-friendly way.


Instacart is a new way to experience grocery shopping. The company enables its customers in the US and Canada to order online from over 500 retailers and trusted grocery shops. Instacart connects consumers with a personal shopping assistant in their area to shop for them and deliver the goods. In the age of Corona, contactless delivery is also possible through the „Leave at my door“ option.

Online shopping was possible before, but new features like real-time delivery tracking and same-day delivery are only possible through the technological progresses and increasing consumer acceptance of the enhancement phase. The fast global proliferation of new services such as Instacart across all continents (.. in Gorillas in Germany) indicates the EDM as a global phenomenon.


The Easypark app offers great benefits for its users in terms of mobility in over 2200 cities all over Europe. With the help of novel technologies, it aims to break through the parking barrier that drives people crazy in many cities. In this way, a better city experience can be created. Advanced predictive technologies will connect drivers with available parking spaces. Easypark’s Find&Park solution guides users along the optimal route to available parking spaces near their destination. Many parking machines can also be paid for directly through the app, saving money by only paying for the exact amount used. Easypark again combines solutions for specific consumer concerns with the technology available today.


The Corona pandemic acts here as an additional catalyst of the development of our EDM. The crisis has given rise to many new digital solutions that will not disappear even after the pandemic is over. Consumers have become accustomed to these new applications and will continue to expect them in the future. Also taking into consideration the ESG aspects of business. There will be a big wave coming at the companies with demands and requirements from the consumers. Only those who can meet these demands and convince consumers will not drown and will be able to survive.

We are going to cover the enhancement phase in detail in a 4-part article series over the next couple of weeks. Since new trends and innovations are catching on faster and faster, be curious what we will present to you next!