Clubhouse – Have you joined the Club?


„It’s like an addiction – once you start opening talks it’s hard to stop. People crave recognition and on Clubhouse they get it very easily.“


Clubhouse is a platform where live audio content is made available. This is done in the form of virtual rooms, where talks are offered by moderators on any topic imaginable. Every user can open a room and set a topic. Special about Clubhouse is that the boundaries between listeners and speakers become blurred. Everyone has the opportunity to raise their hand and can be brought onto the virtual stage. Here you can talk and discuss in direct contact with the moderators. The platform is exclusively for audio content, news and images cannot be shared. This limited feature selection makes the platform very easy to grasp and especially easy to use. Difficulties often only arise when speakers forget to unmute their microphone and no one can hear them, as we all know from Zoom, Teams etc. nowadays.

However, access to Clubhouse is still limited at the moment. For one thing, the platform is only available to IOS users, and you also need a personal invitation to join the platform. Clubhouse plans to open up to a wider community in the future. Does this perhaps make the platform lose its charm and uniqueness?


50 days – Over 400 Talks – Approx. 15 000 listeners

In just 50 days, Sarik has already had many experiences on Clubhouse. What appeals to him most about the platform is that everyone has the opportunity to play an active part. Creators or influencers with many followers on Clubhouse are not necessarily 25-year-old fashion dolls who grew up with smartphones, but also 50+ people who have a lot to tell and report due to their great experience. He quickly started opening his own rooms offering talks on various topics like news, tech, digital health care or creativity with co-hosts and exciting guests. For example, Sarik has started a vaccination talk where he interviews different doctors about chances and risks of vaccination. He also runs a weekly tech talk about the latest trends in the tech scene.


Here are some tips from Sarik Weber (Mr.Clubhouse) for your start at Clubhouse:

1  Listen First
Familiarize yourself with the app’s features and content. Visit as many talks as possible. The „leave quietly“ button allows you to leave rooms quickly without disturbing anyone. If you want to make a contribution: Raise your hand and don’t forget to unmute your microphone when you’re on the line!

2  Don’t start by yourself
First talks are best done together with experienced co-moderators. Presenting alone can be difficult, especially in the beginning. Managing your talk and organizing who comes on stage next is better done as a team.

3  Bring regularity and continuity to talks
People like recurring content. These give them stability and familiarity. Try to create a regular format that your followers can count on every month or even once a week.

4  Hot and up-to-date content
Current topics are very popular. Invite exciting guests and discuss the latest topics and trends with them.

5  Engage with your audience
Pay attention to who is listening during your talk and engage with your guests. Feel free to take someone’s turn. They may contribute something interesting and unexpected.

6  Be aware of party-crasher
Not every listener respects the ground rules of discussions. If someone is not behaving properly and disrupts your talk with disrespectful behavior, you can remove someone from your room.

7  Play an international part
If you want to reach people internationally, pay attention to time zones and offer talks that can also be perceived in other countries at a bearable time.


Having fun, learning new things and getting in touch with people – all this is possible through Clubhouse. However, everyone must adhere to certain rules and guidelines. There is also the possibility to earn money through talks on Clubhouse. For one, there is the „tipping“ feature. A voluntary tip can be left, if one liked a talk particularly well. On the other hand, rooms can be branded by sponsors in the future. This way, companies can officially host a room for a fee and present themselves to the public.

Clubhouse has taken off in just a few months and continues to grow. Especially at this time, many people are excited to listen and share. Other tech giants are recognizing this trend and so Twitter is also planning a similar offering for IOS and Android via Twitter Spaces. Who will win this race? And where will Sarik Weber stand after 100 days of Clubhouse? We are curious and will keep updating you.


If you liked this teaser, please listen to our session with Mr. Clubhouse