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AI-Plays of the month: The Moral Machine & Interactive TV


The Moral Machine is a platform for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars. It was developed by Iyad Rahwan’s Scalable Cooperation group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and gives you the opportunity to visually lay out the famous Trolly Dilemma next to others. The dilemma itself remains timeless and is one of the most frequently debated controversies in machine learning. Start judging and see who is saved by your own morality. You will then discover the ethical challenges machines might have to master in the near future.


Interactive TV is actually a thing now. A collaboration between Sky and CharismaAI lets you interact with a villain straight from the book via voice to text input. Even though the range of input content the villain is responding to is limited, one can easily imagine where entertainment media is heading in the future. You might have heard about or even watched Netflix „interactive“ episode of Black Mirror called Bandersnatch or the interactive version of The Baby Boss which wasn’t that interactive at all because you could simply choose between a few story lines.

Bulletproof however lets the user being part of the story, not controlling it from an outside perspective. An Al-powered script using Natural Language Processing is helping to make the immersive experience more dynamic and adaptive.

Next to the Bulletproof project that fits into the universe of a British tv police series, Charisma AI describe themselves as a toolkit for creating interactive stories with believable virtual characters. Right now, they are also working on an AI-based virtual reality dream simulator called Project Electric Sheep. If the Phillip K. Dick reference did not catch you yet, check out this video to get a glimpse or wait until we will properly present it.

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