Rock’n roll moment: Why Creativity and People Matter.


When it comes to the origin of Big Transformational Idea creation, the focus is still on human creativity, not on artificial intelligence. Of course, new technological developments help a lot. They reduce the time to gain information, to recognize new patterns and to create worlds of inspiration. However, the development of the Big Transformational Idea (BTI) is a highly creative and human step. Experiencing and feeling the rock ’n‘ roll moment of a BTI is paired with intuition, experience and courage.

Rock ’n‘ roll moment, that’s our term for the short period in which you realize that you have created something big, a Big Transformational Idea.

It is like Archimedes‘ „Eureka!“ moment, when he found the laws of buoyancy when taking a bath. It is like a musician’s stroke of genius when he feels that he has created something great. He knows it’s great – and that it must go out to the public!

This can arise individually or collectively through new collaboration methods. Only truly creative people can do it, but others can see it. But that doesn’t really make any difference in the end as long as it’s big enough and implemented excellently. All based on the principle: create, build, measure, learn and recreate. Wolfgang Amadeus did it. Stephen, Isaac and friends did it, too. And hopefully you will follow the illustrious circle.


Developing a Big Transformation Idea is not an easy goal. It seems like a Sisyphean task. It is therefore advantageous to define individual criteria based on which the idea can be developed. For your help, we have set up five criteria for a Big Transformational Idea below.

1 Operationalization

The promise of the BTI can be executed in all relevant value chain stages. It has to be connected with the current and future offerings and organizational potential and skills.

2 Long term horizon

It has the potential to evolve and grow in the next decade.

3 Orientation

It triggers new thinking and acts as a central theme across the organization. Inspirational and ambitious.

4 Customer first

It changes the perception of the customer for the good and supports the emotional bonding.

5 Story Telling

Always telling the same story – same, but different; and flexible in its application.

P.S. Leveraging the current corona crisis could help to even strengthening the BTI.