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AI-Play of the month: Hugging Face Spaces

Trying out Hugging Face Spaces

For this month, we took a look at three exemplary demos published on Hugging Face Spaces. Find further infos on the platform in our recent intro article about Hugging Face.

(1) Odeen

AI creating unique unknown rules – can you guess them? An Explanatory Learning (EL) framework “to let machines use existing knowledge buried in symbolic sequences — e.g. explanations written in hieroglyphic — by autonomously learning to interpret them”.

(2) Wikipedia Assistant

Instead of key words, you can ask Wikipedia open-ended question. The “Long-Form Question Answering (LFQA)” system helps to answers those questions on specific contexts. If you want, you can also change the model parameters (e.g., for the length of reply).

(3) Projected GAN

A so-called gradio demo for creating unique sin-between versions of infamous Pokémon through the help of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks).

Every month we present two new applications for our GEDANKENFABRIK AI Playground. Read the intros, visit our Playground and try them out yourself!

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AI-Play of the month: Hugging Face Spaces
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