EDM expanded: The Internal Customer


The well-informed decision-makers apply their knowledge not only in their private lives, but also in the professional environment. The EDM approach thus becomes obvious also for the internal customers: the employees.

Here, Generation Z is just a pioneer of the (often not immediately apparent) change of requirements. The rise of the EDM employee applies as much to the trainee as it does to the employee with 30 years of professional experience, regardless of job title and hierarchy level.

The further development of employees will increase the demands on companies. And not only in terms of job satisfaction, leadership and management, but also in product requirements and holistic corporate governance.


How we promote, empower and advance our employees in the future will be critical to success. The increased knowledge and holistic experience of the internal EDM facilitate innovative approaches to working together. An open and constructive feedback culture will become a must-have for future business success. Here, too, one should start from an ecosystem – from glassdoor to MS Viva, from model-sharing experiences outside the organisation, to new forms of experimenting.

Therefore, the demand for company-supported lifelong learning is just one answer to the expectations of internal EDMs in the bold new world of work.  A specific learning plan with personalised objectives for each employee will definitely provide for much greater emotional bonding between employees and their organisations.

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