New reality – The evolutionary digital knowledge society


The further development of humans that has started through digitalisation can no longer be reversed. All aspects of the digital society support this evolution. In the post-digital phase, this development will intensify significantly and, in doing so, create a new reality. The consumer has already developed into an independent and demanding decision-maker in many areas. Almost nobody needs mere orientation in the digital world anymore. The rapid development applies, in different gradations, to all people, and it takes place everywhere.

The human being has developed further in its own hierarchy of needs and enjoys the resultant new freedoms. The responsible consumer has enough information and experience to be able to make decisions for itself with a good and secure feeling.


We better say goodbye to the dusty image of the disenfranchised consumer. We have given the new type of consumer a name: Educated Decision-Maker. A decision-maker who stands out through three distinctive features:


1 High information level. The new ways of obtaining information have created the well-educated consumer. This evolution will accelerate.

2 High autonomy. This consumer has developed into an independent and demanding decision-maker. Its autonomy can no longer be suppressed.

3 High self-confidence. The decision-maker has already become a self-confident creator in many ways. And if you once have gained self-confidence, you will never give it up again.

Understanding the EDM concept could become the single most-important factor for business success. Better sooner than later.