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AI-Plays of the month: Ask Delphi & Deep Dream

Ask Delphi: Oracle of the crowd or when ancient Greece meets descriptive ethics

What has long been only a myth now revels itself as the ethical truthteller: Pythia is artificial. Jokes aside, Ask Delphi is a new AI system by AI2, an institute founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2014.

Delphi making the moral judgment that it’s good to reinvent humanity – ok then!

The Delphi demo we linked on our Playground “guesses how an ‘average’ American person might judge the ethicality/social acceptability of a given situation”. Therefore, it was trained with a large set of data collected via the crowdsourcing website Amazon MTurk which allows to access pre-defined human data quite fast.

The goal of the Delphi project aims to demonstrate “both the promises and the limitations of language-based neural models when taught with ethical judgments made by people.”

Put in your situation and wait to see what the oracle will tell you.

In the paper (long read) “Delphi: Towards Machine Ethics and Norms” by Jiang et al. (2021) the question of what it takes to teach ethical behavior to machines is raised – with the obvious remark that real-life situations can reach a high level of complexity.

AI Classics: Deep Dream

Deep Dream became an instant classic when researchers from Google published their project on image classification in 2015. Inceptionism was the term given to images created by ANNs (Artificial Neural Networks), laying layer over layer creating explorative images.

Deck of a WDR ferry mixed with van Gogh’s Wheat Fields

Over the years, the project was developed further and since the API of Deep Dream was made publicly available other researchers were able to use the large datasets as well. For example, we used deepdreamgenerator for our showcase since it’s an application still updated on regular basis and very easy to handle. It mixes some of the most famous artwork classics with your own uploadable images as you can see on the unique image above. Always a great experience.

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