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AI-Plays of the month: Stealing Ur Feelings & air-drawing

For the month September we present two very different applications, both interesting and fun to experience. One won Mozilla’s $50,000 award for AI, the other one predicts the user’s intention of writing with their hand using only their webcam.

Real-time Emotion Tracking

First, we take a look onto a project by Noah Levenson called Stealing ur Feelings, a deep learning-powered AR experience which analyzes your facial reactions. Published exactly two years ago in 2019, it captivates the user with its interactive storytelling. Aiming for attention while education the user on dangers of Big Tech’s emotional surveillance programs in a fun way is definitely not easy to manage but possible when being creative. Noah won a Webby award that and was later plagiarized by the Financial Times as he writes on his own website. Their interactive article looks very familiar but is still worth checking out. You can click through and track your emotions in real-time. Interaction based on facial expressions also reminds of  Alibaba’s „Smile-to-Pay“ approach. However, it gets really scary when your emotions being tracked and sold without being aware…

Watch the video – a screen-recording of Stealing ur Feelings – below or try it out yourself. It’s kind of scary but won’t be disappointed!


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Predictive air-drawing /-writing with hands and webcam

Second, we chose air-drawing, a hands-on tool made you can use in your browser to draw and write with your hand and a webcam. While the tracking technology is not new but commonly known and most often used with the toolbox of MediaPipe, the additional prediction model is what makes it special. It’s quite creative approach, “everytime the user raises his index finger, I’m also predicting whether he wants to stroke, or if he just wants to move his hand”, the developer writes on reddit. A deep learning model running locally in your browser is therefor used to try to predict whether you want to have ‚pencil up‘ or ‚pencil down‘. No user-data is generated, so make sure to snap a screenshot of your writings! Great example for an interactive web demo without much fuss.

The strained look speaks volumes.

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