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AI-Plays of the month: AI21 Studio & Wordtune

The Reinvention of language. This month we present two of AI21 Labs products: First up, there are the new Jurassic-1 language models you can play around with in your browser. And secondly, we show a great tool for non-native English speakers who probably won’t ever go online without it again.

AI21 Labs opened-up their new developer platform AI21 Studio to a broader audience this month, offering the largest language model there is so far. Their Jurassic-1 models are a highly powerful new competitor to GPT-3. AI21 states in their mission that they want “to fundamentally reimagine the way humans read and write by introducing machines as thought partners” – Reimagine Creativity at its best! The company was founded in 2017 in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is one of the world’s leading Natural language processing (NLP) research labs.

Visual is from AI21’s blog.

You can use the application for free in your browser without any knowledge in coding, for example for summarizing or simplifying text, ideation and copywriting, for easily generating code or various types of classifications. Check out their blogpost with a lot of (fun) use-cases. On our playground we asked J1 what Reinvention is. The answer was quite impressive.

Screenshot from AI21 Studio. You can play around with various presets.

Reaching new levels of confidence with an AI language assistant

In 2018, AI21 Labs has released their first product: Wordtune. With the goal “to revolutionize the way we read and write”, the tool helps non-native English speakers to adjust their written formulations. Wordtune understands contexts and semantics of written text and helps in finding the right words. You can try out the tool for free even without registration or use it as a browser extension to fully include it into your daily flow of communication.

An example of various suggestions made by Wordtune.

There is also a premium model with some further functions: First, it helps you to switch from casual to formal tongue or the other way around. And second, is shortens and expands sentences which can be quite helpful.

Every month we present two new applications for our GEDANKENFABRIK AI Playground. Read the intros, visit our Playground and try them out yourself!

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